The main goal of the Kibera scholarship project is to provide orphans and vulnerable pupils/students in either primary school, High school or college/University level of education a chance to pursue their level of school studies. The main objective being to improve the living standard and future of orphans and vulnerable children in Kibera slums and it’s environ through the provision of academic scholarships. That said, a child’s access to education could enable her/him to acquire important knowledge and skills that can give her/him greater potential for employment and success in the future. An educated youth population contributes to the country’s overall productivity and economic growth. Educating a youth’s l is also a first step towards stopping the vicious cycle of poverty in a community such as Kibera.


Somesha program is an education program that is focusing on improving opportunities to access skill Transfer trainings and education for the beneficiaries. Activities within the program include, supporting/sponsorship of rescued children in primary/secondary/tertiary/university education, skills transfer seminars & workshops, regular college/institutes sponsorships, private students tuitions, internships and apprentice training and adult learning.

  1. Normal school learning program: Through sponsorship, the girl child and teenage mothers will be presented by opportunities of going back at any level and any place within the country.
  2. Skill based trainings/workshops: The program strives to set up marketable skills transfer trainings for the beneficiaries. Experts in different skills will be invited to conduct the trainings. Such trainings include artifacts making, photography, cookery, event decorations, gardening, and housekeeping.
  3. Talent search and development: The program will strive to nurture the various talents within the children . The program will avail trainers (volunteer), sporting gear and training field for such talents as spoken word, acrobatics, football, theatre, music, art and design etc.
  4. College/institute sponsorship: The students  will alternatively be sponsored for technical courses trainings. The courses include catering, driving, mechanics, plumbing, wiring, masonry, wielding etc.
  5. Apprentice training: The organization is focusing on promoting apprentice training in various disciplines. This will be made possible through partnerships and collaboration with companies and firms that will be willing to part of our work. The program looks forward to aggressive marketing so as to attract and tap into companies’ corporate social responsibility programs. The beneficiaries will be exposed to the works of the experts during the weekends and school holidays. We expect to nurture talents, creativity and employability. The beneficiaries will be encouraged to change their talents; skills and creativity into passionate hobbies which they can easily transform to professional duties hence earn and support their own education and lives.